What is Hypnobirthing?

The day you give birth and become a mother is the greatest day of your life! But so many mothers look upon their birthing day with fear and anxiety over the pain they may experience.
Hypnobirthing is a wonderful method of birthing that teaches the mother about all her instinctive natural abilities to birth. We go over how the muscles function and how they are meant to work in an environment where mom feels completely safe and at free of worry.
We use meditation and relaxation practices to teach you how to get yourself into an inner place of peace, wisdom and confidence for your birth.
When they first learn about hypnobirthing, many people are thrown off and overwhelmed by the hypnosis part. But, I can assure you there are no clocks swaying in front of you. No deep trances. Just YOU learning how to incorporate self-care practices into your pregnancy, learning to bring yourself into a complete state of relaxation in preparation for birth and motherhood, and becoming more confident to birth your baby in a gentle and peaceful way. The only quote “mind control” is what you reclaim as your vision of the perfect birth for YOU and your baby. Many research studies have shown how helpful the power of the mind is. If you think and visualize positive things happening then positive things are likely to occur. We use this concept in hypnobirthing. We teach you to visualize your perfect and empowered birth so that it will happen the way you want it to.
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