About Kat Gallis

The Heart and Soul Behind Mindful Hypnnobirhting

Hypnobirth Success.

My name is Kat Gallis and I  experienced a beautiful, unmedicated birth with my daughter. It was unbelievably empowering to take control of my birth story. I remember the night she was born like it was yesterday and I could never forget every beautiful detail of it all. It was peaceful, calming and beautiful as she entered her new life.

What is Hypnobirthing?

For a variety of reasons we as a society have been taught to view birth as this painful, arduous, anxiety induced experience. But it does’t have to be. Our bodies were designed by nature to do this. Pain during birth is a perception that has been falsely created by the pressures of society. Its been ingrained into our subconscious.

How do I know that? Whenever I talk to one of my friends about the amazing process of a natural birth and the powerful emotions  it leaves you with. I get an overwhelming response of “I could NEVER do that”. This comes from women who haven’t even experienced birth yet.There you go. We’ve already been HYPNOTIZED to believe that it’s awful. Its no wonder so many women enter this stage in their life with anxiety. I am dedicated to convincing you otherwise. I want to empower you to take a positive and calm approach to your birth and into early motherhood.
Hypnobirthing helps by changing those perceptions that live within you but don’t even belong to you in the first place.  

Birth, if done right can be and should be the greatest moment of your life. Its the moment when the woman transforms into her new role as MOTHER and the precious baby takes on its new role in the world. I know from first hand experience that birth doesn’t have to be a painful experience.  And I am here to teach you too how to have the most powerful and liberating womanly experience of your life! 

Teaching women like you how to have control over their birth.

When my baby’s soul entered the world there wasn’t a cry out of her. She looked around her new environment with alert eyes. My doctor placed her into my arms and she peeked into my soul as to say, “Hi, I’ve been waiting to meet you.” And I responded with “I’ve been waiting my whole life for you little girl.” WE DID IT! I set the stage for her new life to be a path of ease and calming peace. We did something together that was truly amazing and I am so proud that this is the story she will have as she creates the story for her future birth. Imagine what that will be! I didn’t feel any pain, just a flood of love. 



Some of the other benefits I received from my Hypnobirth were fast postpartum healing, less hormonal emotional fluctuations in the following weeks, relief from anxiety, better sleep for me and baby, a deep connection with my little girl and an inner power that I have proved everyone in society who views birth as an awful and painful experience completely WRONG! Our home felt at peace the following weeks and it continues to feel that way as we push into toddlerhood.